Diary of a Healthy Metalhead
The screaming fidgets

Ok, two things I’ve noticed since beginning to eat less and more healthily.

  1. I’m not half as hungry anymore.
  2. I CANNOT concentrate for two seconds on TV.

The first point probably isn’t that weird. I’m eating more whole foods, and foods that keep me going for longer. Sugars leave the stomach at more than double the rate protein does, which is why you end up feeling hungry again really quickly after eating a chocolate bar.

The second thing is a little unexpected though. Normally my after-work routine is to come home, make my dinner and then veg out on the sofa all evening, usually watching repeats of stuff I’ve seen a squillion times before (QI, Jeeves and Wooster, Poirot, whatever). While I knew this was a bit shit I’d always find myself doing this and unable to tear myself away.

Since I started eating healthily, however, I’m just… fidgety! I’ll start watching something and then get bored immediately and think, ‘hmm, I’m going to write for a while’. It’s totally awesome as it’s curing me of a habit that was annoying me for a long time, but I don’t know why it should be happening! 

Search me

Oh well, I’m not complaining! It’s awesome! I have way more energy than I did before, I’m getting more done, I’m looking better… Things are generally pretty sweet! I’ve also lost 3 pounds.  Not much yet, BUT I lost an inch off my waist, which is truly rad.

I progged-out on the way in to work this morning and strode along to the strains of Guilt Machine and Porcupine Tree. Porcupine Tree are fairly cemented in folks’ minds as Proglords Triumphant, but I wonder how many people know Guilt Machine? One of Arjen Lucassen’s many, many side-projects, and an album EVERYONE should listen to and own. It’s epic.  A slow-burner but truly, truly epic. Check out Green and Cream. PULL ME OUT OF THE DARK, INTO YOUR STARS, INTO YOUR SKYYYYYY!

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